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Introducing or better known as "Here to Help Today", a work from home complete coaching service. 

My story. 


The entire concept evolved from my ebook offered on Fiverr, on "how to get hired by Apple for a work from home job". 


Without telling anyone about the ebook,  it sold over 1800+ copies in a month. Then I offered a free email course to teach the ebook and was supported by one-on-one coaching.


No one wanted the free email course, they all wanted the coaching. That was 98, one-hour coaching sessions!


So, decided to upgrade the ebook, added the "get promoted" coaching ebook, and started H2H to coach the lessons. 

Monthly free webinars available as a masterclass on work from home and getting promoted in working from home. 

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30 Day Free Email Course

Back by popular demand, the original 30-day email course walking you through all the content from the e-book.


(Course starting soon. Get on the list.)


Free Webinar Masterclass

Tip and Trips and a walkthrough of the course, e-books, and answering your questions on where to get started in making work from home, work FOR you. (Click to get on the list for the next session.)

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H2H Bootcamp (6 Weeks)

Week by week lessons, coaching, and progress on how to make work from home, work FOR you. This is hands-on and instruction.

(Scheduling calls to discuss your needs.)

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Personal (one-on-one) Coaching

One-on-One coaching to break down your personal needs.  I have coached individuals that are very specific, and others who just need to get it done. (Scheduling calls to discuss.)

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Corporate Coaching

This will be very tailored to the team process, remote needs, and goal setting. (Scheduling calls to discuss and define.)

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Work from Home E-book

This is the AHA and Blueprint publications combined.  Moving to a 3rd edition (enhanced).  Get on the waiting list to buy one, or just get coaching to get one free. 


Podcasts, Blogs, and Posts

What Students are saying...


"This was way more help than I expected."

Jon B.

"The self-help books were really helpful when I had to work from home due to my family situation, but this course took that to a whole new level." 

Sarah A.


"I did not think of working from home until the pandemic forced me to...  Now I am more productive and healthier.  Who knew?  H2H really helped."

Trisha F.